Get to know the ARC

The Academic Resource Center helps you achieve your academic goals so you can pursue your professional ambitions. Sometimes, a class or assignment can stand in the way – but, it doesn’t have to. The ARC offers Southeast Tech students the academic assistance they need to excel with free one-on-one and online tutoring provided by faculty, professional and peer tutors.

The ARC Can Provide:  

Academic support for the class that has you scratching your head.
• Opportunities to practice what you are learning in your classes.
• Strategies for becoming a more independent learner.
• Guided practice with an expert coach to reinforce your strengths and help you modify your weak spots.
• Personalized feedback.
• Study skills: writing, math, test-taking, memorization, note-taking, organization, etc. 
• Strategies for reducing anxiety and stress over assignments or course expectations.
• Methods for increasing your academic confidence and self-esteem.
• Workspace free from distractions.

Walk-In or Online Tutoring is Available. 

Southeast Technical College offers walk-in tutoring services to all enrolled students, free of charge. Students who want to improve in their coursework receive individualized attention from Southeast Tech's faculty, professional and peer tutors. Through the program, students hired to be tutors have a desire to help others learn and hold excellent GPAs. There is also TEAMs tutoring to help with busy schedules. 

No appointment is necessary. Students may view the tutor schedule online to see when and where the tutors are working. Students interested in getting extra help are encouraged to stop by the Academic Resource Center when it works in their schedule.






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