It is recommended that you back up your files weekly. You may use the basic file backup guide to the left as a simple option for keeping a backup of your important files.

There are many options for locations to keep your file backup. We recommend that you use a flash drive, external hard drive, or cloud storage for basic file backups. This allows you to manage your backups easily as well as access files from your backup quickly if needed. When choosing a backup location, ensure that you have enough space to store at least 2 backups with room to spare since your backups will continue to get larger.

If you choose to back up your files to cloud storage, you may want to consider encrypting files with highly sensitive information (banking information, passwords, personal details, etc.) prior to doing a backup.

If you choose to use a flash drive or external hard drive, alternating between two different drives from one back up to the next can provide an additional level of protection against device failure.

Please remember that files that cannot be easily replaced or recreated should be stored on at least 3 different devices.

Basic file backup instructions