Consent to conduct Electronic Business and Communication

As an enrolled student at, or recent graduate of, Southeast Technical College, you authorize and provide your consent to conduct business electronically with Southeast Technical College, including but not limited to receiving financial information, student account statements, required 1098T tuition statements and Southeast Technical College electronic notifications, including email and text message, if available.  The Southeast Technical College Student Accounts Office will use your campus assigned email account as the official method of correspondence.  It is your responsibility to monitor your campus email account.  In the event that you have withdrawn from school, or no longer have access to a campus assigned email, you provide consent for the Southeast Technical College Business Office, or our assigned vendor, to use any additional email account that you have provided at the time of application, of there after, that has been provided to the College.

Electronic Account Statements:

While students are enrolled at, or recently graduated from, Southeast Technical College, you are provided access to myTech and will have account statements available to you in an electronic archive. When an electronic statement is created, and archived, you will receive an electronic notification that the statement is ready for viewing.  You can access the archive by login to myTech and then navigating to the Financial Document Center.

To Revoke an Electronic Statement Consent:

You may revoke consent for electronic Account Statements, and receive a paper account statement, by contacting the Southeast Technical College Business Office, in writing, at, or by mail at:

  • Southeast Technical College Business Office
  • 2320 N Career Avenue
  • Sioux Falls, SD 57107

Revoking consent to Electronic Account Statements is not the same as revoking consent for electronic 1098T Statements.

IRS Form 1098T Electronic Consent:

While students are enrolled at, or recent graduates of, Southeast Technical College, the IRS Form 1098-T Tuition Statement will be provided electronically for each year that you have reportable transactions. You will not receive a paper form mailed to your address and you will need a computer with internet access, a web browser, and a PDF viewer to access this information.

To Revoke your Electronic 1098T consent:

You understand that you can revoke consent, and receive a paper IRS Form 1098T statement, by completing one of the following methods:

  • withdrawing consent on myTech, via the Financial Document Center,
  • send a written email request sent to
  • mail a written request that includes your name, address, contact phone number and your student id to the following address:  Southeast Technical College Business Office, 2320 N Career Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD 57107

Requests to withdraw 1098T electronic consent must be completed online, or received in the Southeast Technical College Business Office, before January 10th, to allow time for mailing of the paper form before the required 1098T notification date.

If you consented to receive the 1098-T form in an electronic format and you subsequently want to request a paper copy, you can provide a request, in writing, for a paper copy of your IRS Form 1098T document.  Paper copies will be mailed to the permanent address on file.  IRS Form 1098T documents will not be e-mailed as an attachment.  Only the student or record may request an IRS Form 1098T paper copy.  All Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) policy and procedures will be followed while processing financial documentation requests.

Withdrawn or former students:

Students that withdraw during a term will lose access to their Southeast Technical College email account.  Since you are no longer able to receive official communications about archived statements, your future account statements and documents, including IRS Form 1098T, will be mailed to the address that we have on file.  Paper statements may take five business days, or longer, to be received by mail process.  It is your responsibility to ensure that an accurate address is on file.  Late fees may result from delayed or undeliverable paper statements.

If you have any questions about your consent to conduct electronic business and communication from the Southeast Technical College Business Office, please contact the Business Office at 605-367-7124 or email the Business Office at