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How do I save files from the vPC?

Best practices for saving files:
  • Using VMware Horizon Client, you can choose to share your local computer files with your vPC. 
    • To do this, go to the Options menu in the vPC title bar. Select Share Folders, and add any folders from your computer that you want to access from your vPC. You will then see that folder as "<Folder Name> on <Local Computer Name>" in your vPC when you look at your system files. For example, if you have selected your user profile to share and your computer is called My-PC, you might see "User on My-PC" as an option in your folders and drives on the vPC.
  • You may also save files to an online storage location such as your personal cloud storage or your Southeast Tech OneDrive account, accessed at
  • Windows and Mac users may also save files to a USB device such as a flash drive or external hard drive by connecting the USB device in the vPC menu. This option is not available for iPad users.
  • Files saved to the vPC itself (Documents, Desktop, etc.) will be removed yearly, so saving to other locations is preferred. 
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