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How do I change the resolution on the vPC?

  • When viewing the vPC in full screen mode, the resolution of the vPC will match the resolution of your local computer. The resolution on your local computer is set in Control Panel (Windows)/System Preferences (Mac). Please contact the IT Support Center if you need assistance adjusting this value.
  • When viewing the vPC on a portion of your screen, the resolution will scale itself to show items at the same size as they would appear in full screen mode. Note that this may cause some items not to fit on the screen. Full screen mode is recommended for vPC.
  • Note for Windows users: The vPC text zoom is set to 100% and does not necessarily follow the text zoom you have set in the Control Panel on your local computer.
  • Touch the View Client Tools icon (button with 6 dots) in the middle of the screen
  • Touch the gear wheel to open the Settings screen
  • Touch the line labeled Display Resolution
  • Touch the resolution you wish to use 
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