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myTech will be unavailable due to maintenance on Friday, July 26 starting at 4:00 PM and lasting up to 3 hours. This message will be removed once maintenance is complete. Although you may be able to access the site periodically during maintenance, some features may not function as expected. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

When do I use the vPC?

Examples of times to use your local computer without connecting to the vPC:
  • To take an online test or complete other tasks on myTech
  • To access web-based course resources that you have a login or access code for
  • When you don't have an Internet connection available 
Examples of times to use the vPC:
  • To use program-specific software that is not installed on your computer, but is provided through the Southeast Tech vPC. This includes a need for Windows 10 or Office 2022 when you do not have this software or this version of software on your own computer.
  • As a backup for tasks you would complete locally if you are receiving unexpected errors 
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