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How do I connect a USB device to the vPC?

Notes to consider when connecting a USB device:
  • When a USB device is connected to your vPC, it is not available from your local computer. You must disconnect the device from the vPC to access it on the local computer. This can be done by deselecting the device in the list of available USB devices.
  • Always disconnect your USB devices before logging out to ensure that you are not trying to write to the USB drive when you leave your vPC session. This may cause errors with your USB device causing it to be unusable. 
  1. Click the Connect USB Device button on the ribbon at the top of the screen.
  2. Select the device you wish to connect from the list. The driver for the device will install and your device will then be usable from the vPC.
Note: Some brands of USB devices may not redirect properly from the Mac OS to the vPC. If you receive a message that the driver was not installed successfully, try another brand of USB device. 
  1. Bring your cursor to the top of the screen to show the vPC menu bar.
  2. Select Connection > USB > (device name).
  3. Click Continue to the prompt" Connect '(device name)' to remote desktop?" 
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