Microsoft Teams Overview

Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based team collaboration software. The core capabilities in Microsoft Teams include persistent chat messaging, video meetings, and file storage (including collaboration on files). Microsoft Teams integrates and is included with Southeast Tech’s Office 365 productivity suite; it installs with Office products, so no further installation or configuration is required. 

NOTE: Microsoft Teams is also available to use in a web app version using your computer's web browser. The web version has some limitations. We strongly advise you to install the Microsoft Teams app on your local computer system and not use the web app or attempt to use Microsoft Teams on a Virtual PC.


Microsoft Teams Installation and Setup


Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams

Please click on the link below for help troubleshooting Microsoft Teams




Microsoft Teams video training

Click the link below to view training videos for Microsoft Teams. Topics include:

- Quick Start

- Intro to Microsoft Teams

- Set up and customize your team

- Start chats, calls, and meetings

- Set up and attend live events


Microsoft Teams Video Training

Microsoft Teams Quick Start Guide 


Online Meeting Etiquette Guidelines


    • Mute yourself prior to entering the meeting.
    • Check your Speakers and Mic prior to the meeting.
    • Note the difference between muting through the Teams window vs on your computer.
    • Avoid muting another person, as that person will need to unmute themselves and may not be aware that they have been muted in the group.

Web Cams

    • Avoid use of web cams (unless instructor specifically requests you to use it) as video will eat bandwidth but audio will not.

Chat Use

    • Chat messages will go to the entire class.
    • Message Privately by clicking the participant’s picture in the chat.

Dress Code

    • In the event you click on your web cam, make sure you are dressed appropriately.

Blur your Background

    •  To avoid distractions in the room when you must use your web cam, select “Blur my Background” from the meeting controls.


    • Check with your instructor to see if he/she is recording your meetings, and if so, please do not stop that recording during the meeting.

Network Quality

    • Make sure you have a good signal if working wirelessly.