LockDown Browser Installations

For Windows 11/10 installations where the user has Administrative privileges: Windows Click Here

For Mac installations: Mac Click Here

For installation on iPad devices:  iPad Click Here

To verify you have the LockDown Browser installed, click TEST








LockDown Browser Exam Best Practices

Since any pending update or restart will prevent the LockDown Browser from working correctly, we recommend that you arrive early before a test and plan to restart your computer - on campus - so it can complete any remaining updates.  A full shutdown before switching networks (from home to school and back) will also help guarantee a better experience with the lockdown browser.

Before beginning an exam on Southeast Tech's LockDown Browser, we recommend completing the following steps in order to avoid issues while taking an exam:

1. Clear browsing data for most Web browsers (i.e. Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, FireFox, etc.):

   a. Windows - Press CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE


2. Reload the web page:

   a. Windows - CRTL+F5

   b. Mac - COMMAND+R

3. Remember to quit all unnecessary programs.  Some can cause conflicts with the Lockdown Browser.  

   a. Windows - Right click Teams > Quit 


   a.  Typing "Update" into the Windows Start Menu and selecting the "Check for updates" option will bring you to the correct Settings screen to check for, install and complete any available Windows updates.  If this service is running or pending a restart, it has been known to conflict with the Lockdown Browser.